13th mhc list and notification new app micrsoft team app

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[8/12, 21:09] Sekarreporter 1: NOTIFICATION NO. 168/2020
It is hereby notified that, on the direction of The Hon’ble The Chief Justice, the
court proceeding through Video Conferencing in the Principal Seat and Madurai
Bench of Madras High Court will be conducted through “Microsoft Teams App”
w.e.f 17.08.2020,
The said application can be downloaded from the official website of Microsoft
or Google Play Store or Apple app Store etc.,
The user manual and procedure to install the “Microsoft Teams App” is
available in the official website of the Madras High Court.
It is further notified that all the Advocates / Parties-in-Person are required to
join the Court proceedings through the hyperlink provided in the respective cause
Microphones and Video to be kept off in their device at the time of argument by
other side Advocate to prevent disturbance during the video conferencing and un-
mute the microphone only when their turn comes (at the time of their argument).
All participants are required to have their case number and name shown when
logged in (e.g. Item No.1 – Adv- Mr. ABC). This applies also to parties in person and
litigants / representatives attending the VC.
// By Order of The Hon’ble The Chief Justice//
[8/12, 21:10] Sekarreporter 1: 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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