Adv Suryaprakasam APS today opinion regarding lockdown

[4/25, 09:12] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: What the government tried to achieve in this 40 days lockdown is lost by the government by this announcement of 4 days of total lockdown
[4/25, 09:12] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: Prices of essentials are skyrocketing
[4/25, 09:12] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: Unscrupulous traders cashing this misery of people
[4/25, 09:12] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: The further announcement of chief Secretary that he cannot rule out the possibility of further extension added fuel to the fire
[4/25, 09:12] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: Clearly this suddenannouncement of4 days total lockdown totally created panic
[4/25, 09:12] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: All the earlier gains seems to have clearly lost
[4/25, 09:12] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: Police patrol only in main roads as they totally forget to use motor bike and bicycle patrol
[4/25, 09:12] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: They don’t go in to the narrow streets
[4/25, 09:15] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: Situation in side the lanes and narrow by lanes of very thickly populated Royapettah and ice house area is worry some
[4/25, 09:18] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: Prior to the announcement of 4 days lockdown there was no panic buying and people mostly behaved in an orderly manner
[4/25, 09:20] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: Government should also get input from their grassroots level caders about the prevailing situation in Chennai instead of getting input only from their official sources
[4/25, 20:27] Sekarreporter: [4/25, 20:14] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: I believe chief Secretary and commissioner Chennai corporation is clueless and putting the life of the people in risk by their public announcements changing their plan repeatedly. Had they announced yesterday night itself about the opening of Koyambedu market on all the four days and their plan to allow small vegetables vendors to sell the vegetables this made rush to buy vegetables to stock it could have been easily prevented. As people already purchased enough vegetables to meet the 4 days curfew any plans to allow poor cart vegetables vendors going to cause much loss to the cart vegetables vendors
[4/25, 20:14] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: They say they are going to distribute aavin milk at each door steps but failed to say who will distribute the same
[4/25, 20:14] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: But the roads now are filled with sweat dropped by themiddle class people stood in q in Chennai roads today to buy essentials and poor men tears shed by them unable to manage even a square meal a day
[4/25, 20:14] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: Let them use the drones to show to the people about the actual distribution of food thrice a day to the suffering poor people instead of showing young boys playing cricket in the villages and carom board under a tree in remote part of the village,sufficiently maintaining social distance as to play both games u have Tosufficiently maintain distance.
[4/25, 20:14] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: People voted for Modi believing his assurances that if elected milk and honey will flow in the street
[4/25, 20:16] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: As a sufferer to day, I am posting the above ventilating my anger and not due to my political leanings.
[4/25, 20:18] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: God alone can save the sick, deserted and orphans living taking shelter in platforms, bus shelters and under the fly overs in Chennai
[4/25, 20:19] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: In the next four days of curfew
[4/25, 20:25] Adv Suryaprakasam APS: Legal fraternity cannot do much in the street to these suffering people and they can only bring it to the noticeof the Hon’ble high court about the famine and hunger of these unfortunate sections to day in their own streets begging for even for a loaf of bread.

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