Madras Bar Association
High Court, Madras – 104. 21.04.2020
Health is a fundamental right recognised by the Constitution of India.
The citizens cannot be assured of their health unless we have Medical Practitioners
Para medical workers, sanitary workers and the like rendering their services.
This is so even during normal times. Now when the world is faced with the Pandemic COVID 19
It is needless to emphasise the absolute indispensable nature of their services.
The Government of India, as well as the Government of Tamilnadu have recognised the
importance Of the services of the Doctors, Para Medical Staff, and the Sanitary workers and have
issued circulars and advisories to the public not to discriminate or isolate the medical
practitioners and the team of workers.
It is our duty to recognise and bow down to the yeomen services being rendered by the Doctors,
paramedical staff and the sanitary workers who are actually exposing their lives to risk to serve
the society at large. They are the warriors in this war against the pandemic. We should salute
On the other hand it is really shocking and disturbing to know that when one Dr.Simon Hercules,
aged about 55 years, and who appears to have caught the virus while in service, succumbed to a
cardiac arrest on Sunday 19.4.2020. While the mortal remains were taken by the family members
and Doctors to lay him at rest at Kilpauk cemetery, a designated burial ground, a mob which had
gathered there prevented it and as a matter of fact even threatened the family members and the
Doctors who had reached there to lay the body at rest. They had to flee from the place even
leaving the mortal remains. Luckily one Doctor took courage to take the body and then all had
gone to another place to lay the body at rest with police protection.
This event has been widely reported in the television and news papers and as a matter of fact has
also drawn the attention of the Honble Madras High Court and a suo motu Writ Petition has been
entertained .
The said event or similar events wherever may happen deserves to be condemned and the
doctors, paramedical Staff, Sanitary workers, police personnel, revenue officials rendering service
at this grim hour against the Pandemic COVID 19 deserve to be adequately protected and their
life, liberty and dignity ensured.
THE MADRAS BAR ASSOCIATION, strongly condemns the attack on the Family members and
Doctors who accompanied the family to lay at rest the mortal remains of Dr. SIMON HERCULES,
on 19.4.2020 and appeals to the Central Government and the State Government, to provide
adequate protection to the Medical Professionals, para medical staff , Sanitary workers etc., and
ensure their LIFE LIBERTY and DIGNITY.

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