Are Final Year University Exams 2020 Cancelled? No decision as yet as UGC case in SC adjourned till Aug. 18


Are Final Year University Exams 2020 Cancelled? No decision as yet as UGC case in SC adjourned till Aug. 18

Are Final Year University Exams 2020 Cancelled? Updates

Updated Aug 14, 2020 | 13:36 IST

Supreme Court has not announced its verdict yet on the UGC Case for Final Year examinations 2020 as yet. The case has been adjourned till August 18. Check out key developments.

Students would have to wait longer for the answer on the verdict on the final year university examinations 2020. The Supreme Court hearing on the UGC Guidelines and Final Year Examination 2020 pleas have been adjourned till August 18. Decision on whether or not the exams have been cancelled would be answered once SC declares its verdict on the UGC Case.

Petitioners have asked for cancellation of the final year examinations while UGC has maintained that degrees cannot be awarded without examination. Check out Key takeaways from today’s hearing here.

Are Final Year University Exams 2020 Cancelled? Updates

Are Final Year University Exams 2020 Cancelled? Updates
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SC on UGC Guidelines & Final Year University Examinations: August 14 hearing – key takeaways

  1. Case was heard by a three judge bench of Justices Ashok Bhushan, R Subhash Reddy and MR Shah.
  2. UGC had yesterday filed its response to the Supreme Court, highlighting that the States cannot give orders to cancel the examinations. It had further reiterated that the examination must be conducted to ensure and maintain the standard of education in the country.
  3. Counsels for the petitioners presented their case to the Supreme Court today. Dr. AM Singhvi opened the arguments and presented a case that stressed on the Right of Life. Contending for the safety of the students, Singhvi pointed out the disparity of the students, the concerns of intracity travel during pandemic.
  4. On the validity of the Disaster Management Act, Singhvi added that the NDMA is applicable to every district. He also stated that the pandemic is a global concern and presents ‘special scenarios’ that have prohibited the right to travel, etc. In extension, he hinted on the possibility of cancellation of the examinations as well.
  5. Shyam Diwan, representing Yuva Sena argued on the Right to Life and also the MHA Guidelines which have given the states the right to enforce NDMA in stricter measure but not in a diluted form.
  6. Divan further pointed out that UGC Guidelines themselves state that they are advisory in nature and that the universities are free to choose and opt for the actual course of action.
  7. On the question whether DM Act overrides UGC guidelines, Divan argued that “Power of the authorities is not disputed but once the DM Act is invoked in a disaster condition and the right to life has been elevated, then the authorities cannot come in and exert power to dilute the provisions.”
  8. It was also raised that when the cases were in few thousands the exams were postponed – now that the cases have risen to lakhs, the exams are being conducted. He, like Singhvi, also pointed out concerns over travel. He also stated that hostels had been converted to quarantine centres.

After the arguments, the Supreme Court has adjourned the matter. Hearing on it would now resume on August 18, 2020. Check out argument by argument coverage

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