Evidence in court President Giri to day (April 20,new

[4/21, 09:03] Vijayakumar Junior Father Advt: President gives Evidence in court
President Giri to day (April 20,new delhi)created history when he gave evidence before supreme court in the presidential election case.This was the first time that the nation’s president had appeared before a court of law . The appearance of the president,the authority for authority for appointing Supreme court judges,in the court was noted as highly significant in legal circles.One senior advocate said it signified”the majesty of law and the utmost respect the Head of the state shows to the supreme judiciary of the land and to the rule of law underlying the basic fabric of our Constitution. Though Mr.Giri as Head of state was entitled to be examined on commission ,and the court had granted the plea for such an examination in Rashtrapati Bhawan ,Me Giri have up the privilege and submitted himself to the jurisdiction of the court ,as any other witness.There was speculation earlier if the judges would rise when Mr.Giri entered the courtroom . They did not .Nor did they acknowledged Mr.Giris namaste. They maintained their usually dispassionate composure. To day Hindu dated April 21 2020 page 7
Fifty years Ago President Gives Evidence in Court, all must read to compare those days and present situation in the country
[4/21, 09:03] Vijayakumar Junior Father Advt: Sent by Vijayakumar advocate

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