From adv Ravi Anantha Padmanaban. The write up of Justice Anand Venkatesh has indeed opened the eyes of legal fraternity

[3/29, 08:45] Ravianantha Badmanaban: From adv Ravi Anantha Padmanaban. The write up of Justice Anand Venkatesh has indeed opened the eyes of legal fraternity. Besides being an advocate i am also a spiritual teacher, teaching yogic stretches, breathing exercises and meditation as well as knowledge sutras, for several years. Two most essential qualities of a good judge are a) no prejudice against any school of thought b) no bias against any person. In other words, there should be no conditioning of mind in any manner. Justice NAVJ is perfectly right in saying that at our subconscious level unknown or untreated prejudices and bias are growing and blown out then and there. If one tries some steps of bharatha naatyam or kutchipudi, one will instantaneously accept it. I mean it as i have undergone that experience while learning cosmic dance. Now, the truth is that not only for judges but also for advocates there is both mental and physical stress. If no interim order is given in a meritorious case, degree of stress knows no limits. How to convince a client? Ergo, How to solve it. Let us forget other aspects but ruminate only on solution to this glaring truth. Solutions are 1) The moment a person is elevated as a judge of hc, he or she should undergo 3 months spiritual training. Spirituality does not belong to any religion;irreligious! During that period, they shall be taught dharma sastras and how to over come emotions while performing their duty as well as physical fatigue. It is possible only when they are exposed to rigorous and continuos training in yoga, dhyaan (meditation), meditation and so on. There are also ego-bursting sessions and spiritual games. If after 3 months they adorn the bench they will be really MY LORD(S) ONLY. Mind does not fall into prejudice and bias. No occasion to recognise it. We have seen it practically. 2) Unless body immunity is at high level with good energy, it is difficult for any human being to sustain or cope with heavy work with equanimity. This is where “stress; both physical and mental, arises. It is neither at school nor in college are we taught how to handle and over come our emotions. 3) Daily practice of yoga asanas followed by breathing exercises and meditation for 20 minutes will glorify every court hall. One cannot control the mind. But it’s through breathing that one can equalize emotions, for every emotion has corresponding breath pattern. When we are angry our breath is short and hot. If calm, breath is serene. If depressed, breath will be very low. Emotions can be cured by breathing exercise. If God willing, we can make our prestigious Madras High Court as a model Court in the Whole Country. Yes true it is. Every one wants such a situation or Who does not want it? But none is willing to come forward. Let us wait and see. Jai hind. Regards to all and tku so much for your patient reading.
[3/29, 08:46] Ravianantha Badmanaban: Admin pl put it 👆in sekar reporter group. With great pains i have written it for the good of all.
[3/29, 10:21] Ravianantha Badmanaban: I am a teacher, blessed and guruppooja pandit under the guidance of sri sri ravi shankar. Guruji has made it and given me this stature. I have completed 30 years of law practice. So, hope the above will be useful to one and all. Pl publish it in the group

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