Judges m sathyanarayanan Pushpa sathyanarayanan 10 th case dismissed

[5/15, 17:03] Sekarreporter 1: https://twitter.com/sekarreporter1/status/1261258361867124736?s=08
[5/15, 17:03] Sekarreporter 1: [5/15, 16:58] Sekarreporter 1: [5/15, 15:51] Sekarreporter 1: 10th std exam case
[5/15, 16:56] Sekarreporter 1: For govt ag Vijayanatayanan sgp education Munusamy appeared
[5/15, 16:56] Sekarreporter 1: Judges m sathyanarayanan Pushpa sathyanarayanan
[5/15, 16:58] Munusamy Sgp : The learned Judges posed several questions regarding the locus standi, merits, public spirit of the petition and it is filed against the guidelines issued by the Supreme court and Madras High court regarding PIL. When the Judges about to pass orders dismissing with costs, the petitioner sought permission to withdraw so as to avoid costs. Accordingly dismissed with a direction to the effect that no similar petition should be filed.
Most importantly, the learned judges wanted to refer such petitions to bar council for disciplinary proceedings since now-a- days numerous frivolous PILs are being filed for publicity by the advocates.
[5/15, 16:59] Munusamy Sgp : Advocate General, Vijay Narayan and C. Munusamy, Special Government Pleader (Education) appeared for Education Department
[5/15, 17:03] Sekarreporter 1: 🍁🍁

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