Lordship N Ananth Venkadesh 13/4/2020 today online lecture 11 am topic scope of appeal suits

Hon’ble Mr Justice N. Anand Venkatesh will deliver online lecture on the topic * Scope of Appeal Suits* on Monday, 13.04.2020 at 11 am.. via Hangouts Meet by Google

To download the app.

(This is android link to download Google Meet app)

(This is for iPhone)

After downloading this app,
Just click meet.google.com/yhe-tbyr-uvy at 10:45 am on 13.04.2020 and join the meeting

The maximum number of participants are 250 members. Entry will be on first come basis.

Please note:

  1. Participants are requested to mute their mic and video immediately on joining.
  2. Questions about the lecture can be posted during the lecture time in the chat window. After the lecture, if time permits, the questions shall be taken up.

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