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Madras High Court to go digital on causelist
PTI26 December 2019, 10:05 PM IST
Chennai, Dec 26 (PTI): Ending nearly a four decade-old practice of issuing hard copies of the entire list of cases taken up for hearing, the Madras High Court has decided to go fully digital by doing away with the printed list.
The decision has been taken in view of the huge financial burden faced by the court.
A resolution to the effect has been passed by the full court in view of the resolution adopted in the 2015 Chief Judges’ conference and the audit objections raised indicated a huge financial liability for printing the causelists.
The decision has been informed through a communication issued by the registrar (judicial) of the court on December 26.
‘I am directed to inform that the high court has resolved to discontinue printing and supply of manual cause list through government press with effect from January 1, 2020, the communication said.
Further, the negotiations undertaken between the Bar and the state government can be pursued by the Bar and it would be open to the government to extend any such facilities to the advocates including the finances to be incurred thereon without burdening the high court any further in this regard, it said.
However, all the four recognised Bar associations of the court would be furnished with two hard copies of each of the daily causelist, it added. PTI COR NVG

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