Marina case today mhc order interview by advt Madu Prakash

[2/21, 11:33] Sekarreporter: [2/21, 10:52] Sekarreporter: We have called for tenders for construction of a temporary fish market on loop road on Marina beach, Greater Chennai Corporation tells Madras HC ….aag SR Rajagopal
[2/21, 11:33] Sekarreporter: [2/21, 11:30] Sekarreporter:
[2/21, 11:30] Sekarreporter: Only fishermen families that reside on the loop road of Marina should be allowed to sell their catch in the fish market to be built over there. Prevent outsiders, Madras HC directs Chennai Corporation & police @THChennai
[2/21, 11:41] Sekarreporter: Justices Vineet Kothari & R Suresh Kumar of Madras HC ask Chennai city traffic police to study congestion during peak hours on the beach road leading to Greenways Road and file a feasibility report on easing the congestion like what has been done in Mumbai @THChennai
[2/21, 12:31] Sekarreporter: [2/21, 12:28] Sekarreporter: [2/21, 12:27] Sekarreporter:
[2/21, 12:28] Sekarreporter: Hc four direction passed see the interview of lawyer Madu Prakash
[2/21, 12:29] Sekarreporter: For govt AAG Sr Rajagopal fish market , vendor,ice தள்ளு வண்டி, connect marina road to Besant nagar beach
[2/21, 12:29] Sekarreporter: 👍👍

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