Mha president Mohana Krishna urgent letter to Cj

To 07.07.2020
The Hon’ble Chief Justice
Madras High Court,


In the Cause Lists right from 6.07.2020, Final Hearing cases and Old case are being posted for hearing. This is disappointing to all the advocates since the conducting of Final Hearing cases through Video Conferencing is highly difficult and the difficulties were already placed with your Lordship and inspite of the same, the cases are now being listed for Hearing. The conducting of Final Hearing cases without proper facilities to the advocates would only result in doing injustice to their respective clients. The difficulties that are being faced by the Advocates in this regard have to be looked into by my Lord:-

  1. The Final Hearings of all the categories of cases are being taken up by the High Court and this causes great inconvenience to the Counsels since most of them have kept their bundles in the Chambers and the Chambers are yet to be opened.
  2. In all the Final Hearing cases the Advocates have to obtain necessary instructions from their Clients which is not possible at this point of time.
  3. The Final Hearings require the submission of Legal authorities by the Counsels. It is a known fact that several advocates were using only the Library of the Associations for submitting the Legal authorities and now since the Association premises are not functioning they are being deprived of the facility of submitting the Legal authorities.
  4. Further after scanning the papers through e-mail and a physical copy of the filing is also insisted by the Registry and this causes inconvenience to the Advocates, as they had to undergo two processes especially during this Covid-19 situation.

Therefore the notifications with regard to the functioning of Courts and the filing of cases are very disappointing to the advocates and all the advocates fear that the situation may only get worsened.

We therefore request to list only the Urgent matters alone for Hearing and the filing of cases by e-mail alone.
Yours faithfully,

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