Mhc advt ragavachary sir CAA discussion third round

[12/30, 08:22] Sekarreporter 1: [12/30, 08:15] Ragavacahary: Government of India has rational explanation. How as a judge, sir, or law knowing person you say it is wrong. Ultimately it is for the state to confer citizenship. If a Muslim explains the circumstances under which he had landed in India, if he is not a criminal, but seeks political asylum, still India could consider his case. If on the other hand he had for making gain personally or economic progress or a spy , it is the duty of my country to protect its citizens. Among criminals, meaning infiltrators, the State can assess the persecuted from the rest. Pakistan Hindu population is around 1.2 % as against 16 in 1947. What happened to the rest? Kaneria,a cricketer, has also complained of discrimination in games.
It is therefore the responsibility of Indian government to be thoughtful before according a status. If Congress and co., feels the law is bad , have we shut down the Supreme Court or did we declare the subject cannot be dealt with by courts as done by Nehru and Indra Gandhi. Master Rahul can very well approach the courts. Not squat in the streets and trouble the common man
[12/30, 08:21] Sekarreporter 1: 🌺
[12/30, 08:22] Sekarreporter 1: [12/29, 22:28] Jeganathan Advt: Assam to Arunachal Bogibheel Bridge opened by Modi last year was a Pioneer and Engineering Marvel- Assam people have high regard for the same – a project pending for 25 years from Vajpayee era was completed in Record Breaking Speed – KCJ Lordship can appreciate this- I guess so after all Hardworking Railway Employees made it possible 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
[12/29, 22:29] Jeganathan Advt: Chellapandian Sir is correct
[12/29, 22:43] Jeganathan Advt: India is funny country where Lord Ram required Proof of Existence whereas illegal immigrants want free pass 👍🙏🏻😷🙏🏻
[12/30, 08:23] Sekarreporter 1: [12/29, 22:23] Chellapandian Mhc Advt: When 2 lakh innocent tamilians were assassinated, nothing happened, KCJ sir, pl wait and see, Iam of the view that our country’s sovereignty shall be protected at any cost
[12/29, 22:25] Sekarreporter 1: ..

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