Mhc advt rubt story in mhc 5 th day interesting

[4/19, 13:41] Rubt Three: Ravichandran a Police Constable attached to Armed Reserve Police manning the camp of Sri Lankan Refugees in Rameshwaram was awarded life imprisonment by the District and Session’s Court of Ramanad. While on duty he shot dead his colleague in the wee hours of his duty by mistake of identity as an intruder. I appeared for him in Appeal before Justice R. Balasubramanian and Justice Late. Bhagyaraj. I argued that as a Guard on duty he warned the intruder thrice not to enter the sensitive camp and mid peak time of LTTE clashing with SL Govt camp but he entered defying the warning of the appellant and he fired at him and the person was dead. On a close look at the decease in the light it was found the dead was Constable Kovalan. The appellant had stated in his 313 questioning the warning given by him and decease defiant attitude of the deceased prompted him to shoot the intruder. This aspect was completely ignored by the Session’s Judge. The Division Bench informed me that they are also aware of the three warning system but directed me to produce the manual if shown they would allow the appeal and gave time for it but I could not secure the rule or manual or instructions due to non-availability and lost the case for a total acquittal but succeeded in converting the life sentence into one under Section 304 (II) IPC and he was released from prison as period already undergone. Lost and won in a way.
[4/19, 16:18] Sekarreporter: 🌹🌹

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