Plastic case justice s vaithiyanathan and pt asha j சரமாரி கேள்வி

[4/21, 17:11] Sekarreporter: Justices S Vaidyanathan & PT Asha of Madras HC say that seizing banned plastics might not help in a big way unless the officials crack down at the stage of manufacturing itself and also prevent transportation of the banned plastics into Tamil Nadu from other States
[4/21, 17:12] Sekarreporter: Justice Vaidyanathan: On Sunday I went to Justice PN Prakash’s house. On the way, I saw a flower merchant having displayed flowers packed in plastic bags. I have taken photos and videos also. Don’t think you alone go by roads, we also go by the same roads.
[4/21, 17:13] Sekarreporter: How is it fair to ban plastic manufacturing in Tamil Nadu and freely allowing the banned plastics to enter the State from other States? Justice Asha asks a government counsel. Wants to know whether banned plastics is used to sell provisions in ration shops here.
[4/21, 17:13] Sekarreporter: Is it not possible to supply Aavin milk in bottles instead of plastic packets, asks Justice Asha.

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