Rubt Mhc Advt: In Nalini’s phone case I am unaware whether the Ministry of Home and External Affairs are Respondents to the proceedings before the Madras High Court (MHC) in the WP filed

[5/29, 11:29] Rubt Mhc Advt: In Nalini’s phone case I am unaware whether the Ministry of Home and External Affairs are Respondents to the proceedings before the Madras High Court (MHC) in the WP filed by her where she has sought for communicating with “relatives” living in London and Sri Lanka. If the Government of India’s respective department has not been arraigned as Respondents the MHC should direct the Petitioner to include them as such or on its own should have made and issued notice them in view of the fact that they have a say over more than the State Government whether to grant her the relief or not to her to speak with her “relatives” living in abroad.
Nalani and her husband Murugan@Sriharan a Sri Lankan are branded terrorist and assassinators of former Prime Minister India Rajiv Gandhi and Leader of the Opposition Party. The convicts have no right in law to seek the relief of making ISD calls or VC from Prison with her “relatives” in London. The issue has to be dealt cautiously by the MHC in view of the fact that the Government of India has banned the LTTE as a Terrorist Organization and even internationally they are a branded and banned as a Terrorist Organization and are banned.
Hence the Central Government as the right to be heard before the MHC could pass an order on the WP. The reason is that they are Convicts hailing from a banned Terrorist Organization the LTTE and their relief if given it might or could lead to a new development of complications in Indian soil and the other reason is that her WP automatically involves two other nations security too and therefore the Sri Lanka and UK Governments should be informed and their views should also be sought before passing any order by MHC and to fulfill this role the intermediate host is the Government of India but not the TN State Government. Without the knowledge and consent of SL and UK government the other side of the contact is in that country and no order’s can be made without them.
The present stand of the State Government in Nalani’s WP cannot be relied upon because they can modify their stand at any stage and their approach towards the LTTE convicts. The precedent is that the TN Government passed resolution in the State Assembly for release of that LTTE Terrorist from Prison and repeatedly pestered the Governor of TN in all available avenues to release them.
In Nalani’s WP the larger interest and security of the nation of India is involved and not a pinch of mercy can be shown to any of those individuals hailing from LTTE and serving sentence in Prison for they don’t deserve it. Life Convict is a convict who has to see the end of life only in the Prison.
The plea in WP could be also a dry run for establishing contacts at a later stage with the disgruntled LTTE Terrorist and Pro Terrorist living in SL and as refugees in UK Europe US Canada and Australia at a later stage for regrouping and this cannot be allowed to happen and India is no more a breeding place for the Tamil hard cores. One has to remember that Nalani was the foundation stair case for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination and therefore no one should be allowed to contact any one inside or outside India a convicts’ wish to expressing condolences to the bereaved family is not a valid ground and the publication of their wish to express condolence through print media has been carried out and reached every one and that is sufficient enough to show their solidarity to the bereaved family with condolences and there is no need for them to express their condolences verbally with hypocritical wailing cry.
The law does not prescribe that it is their right to communicate with the outside world from their prison world as and when they feel and the talk to be 10 minutes is too much. The Prison Rules does not permit them with such privilege. The antecedent of the receiver of the call and all other necessary particulars has to be verified well in advance and this has to be done by the Indian Embassy Staff in those two countries with the aid of the local Police. The Indian Embassy and the local Police have better things to do. The public money cannot be misused or wasted for these types of flimsy things.
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