Sekarreporter 1:

[10/9, 11:23] Sekarreporter 1:
[10/9, 11:23] Sekarreporter 1: Stating that the Registrar General (Vigilance) of the Madras High Court does not possess the requisite qualification to hold that office, a writ of quo warranto has been filed seeking to restrain her from continuing in the said post.

The plea filed by one B. Sathishkumar states that the Registrar General (Vigilance), Ms. Poornima, does not possess the basic qualification of 10+2+3 inasmuch as she did not undergo +2.

It is further submitted that she had directly undergone a “correspondence course” at Madras University without +2 and thereafter pursued her law from a college in Mysore however, “without attending the college in a regular manner”.

It is pointed out that during her law school, she served as an Advocate Clerk at Ooty and attended the college only for examination. Thereafter, she was directly selected as a District Judge in the year 2010 and is now deputed as the Registrar.

“The bar council also did not verify the qualification of the 6th Respondent and the same was not valid in the eye of law for appointment of judicial Post,” the plea states.

The Petitioner submitted that the correspondence mode of education that too without obtaining a +2 qualification is contrary to the procedure laid down by the High Court in a 2018 verdict, for appointing the persons in the higher post.

It had held that the persons who is opting for promotions or appointment in the key post should possess the 10+2+3 and other degree and without undergoing the said procedure and the persons undergoing in the open university without obtaining the First Degree is not eligible for the appointment or promotions in the government departments.

Even the High Court Service Rules, it was submitted, “does not recognize B.A. or B.B.A. degree from an Open University obtained by a candidate without having the basic +2 qualification.”

Similarly, as per the Tamil Nadu Government Servants (Conditions of Service) Act, 2016, a person shall not be eligible for a Public Service Commission if he/she has not obtained a degree “after completion of SSLC and Higher Secondary Course (10+2+3 or more)”.

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