“Today Google Knows More About You Than Your Spouse-” Justice V Ramasubramanian On ‘Right To Privacy: New Age Challenges’

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TOP STORIES“Today Google Knows More About You Than Your Spouse-” Justice V Ramasubramanian On ‘Right To Privacy: New Age Challenges’



[Here is the full text of 4th Justice V R Krishna Iyer Memorial Lecture delivered by Justice V Ramasubramanian, Judge, Supreme Court of India]

It is indeed a privilege to be invited deliver a Memorial Lecture instituted in the name of Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, an icon of the robed brethren and a saviour of the robbed classes. The greatness of Justice Krishna Iyer is that even in capturing his multifaceted personality, we are short of words and we look upto him to provide the appropriate vocabulary. Of his contribution and personality, he himself said as follows:
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“My life has had an arboreal feature, a variegated vicissitudes-now a moffusal lawyer, sometime in jail, then a creative talent with multiple portfolios as successful minister, back to the High Court bar, off to the Bench, flight to Delhi as member Law Commission. Then came the ‘brotherhood’ stage in the Supreme Court with innovative curial experiments, with truth and justice playing truant and judicial efforts to democratize remedies, working restlessly for making law, people and justice synthesize….. And law of all- the scene of life is near sunset, yet yarning and so long as the candle lasts, burning, for public causes. This twilight, yet bright, span is dedicated for campaigns, and claims every hour, every day. Some brethren making busy money or ambitiously chasing post-retiral offices, may scorn at me for a tireless tongue and fearless pen. True, it is all “words, words, mere words, no matter from the heart”. My waning life is but a struggle for “lost causes,(Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer Fifth Memorial Law Lecture, Kochi, December 14, 2019) forsaken beliefs, unpopular names and impossible loyalties”. Fail, I may, but fight I must, since I am a human being and everything that affects any human anywhere is never alien to me.”
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