Video conference hearing at DRT

[5/4, 22:10] Srinvasan Mba: Video conference hearing at DRT

The Presiding Officer, DRT 1, Chennai is in charge of all three DRTs in Chennai. With the lockdown all physical hearing of cases has come to an end and the DRTs have not been functioning.

The Ministry has now issued a notification for functioning of DRTs by video conferencing. The notification is attached and as per the notification for entire South India, PO, DRT 1, Chennai will be the only PO to conduct the cases by Video conferencing. From 04.05.2020 hearing is commencing with video conferencing for urgent cases at 2 pm daily.

Interestingly on 04.05.2020 the list shows delivery of Judgement of a case of DRT 2, Chennai, for which DRT 1 is the in charge PO.

The OA listed is one of the oldest cases of DRT. The DRT Act came into force in 1993 and DRT in chennai was established in 1996. The subject OA was transferred to DRT 2, Chennai when it was established and is on record for last 25 years waiting for a disposal.

The PO has used this time of COVID to finalize the order and the 25 year old case is going to see the light of the day.

There is a Herculean task for DRT 1, Chennai to hear all urgent matter in South India through Video conferencing proposed by the Ministry.

The Presiding Officer, DRT 1, Chennai is Dr. N.V. Badarinath.
[5/4, 22:40] Srinvasan Mba: I am told that the final order runs to 213 pages and is available in

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