We are at the threshold, don’t lose direction: CJ


We are at the threshold, don’t lose direction: CJ

Legal CorrespondentCHENNAI 02 APRIL 2020 00:32 ISTUPDATED: 02 APRIL 2020 00:32 IST    

The Chief Justice of Madras High Court Amreshwar Pratap Sahi on Wednesday cautioned people against loosing direction when they were actually heading towards the threshold of the effort to fight the pandemic COVID-19 by not stepping out of their houses during the 21-day nationwide lockdown period.

In an open letter, his third since the threat of COVID-19 gained impetus, titled ‘The journey has begun,’ he described the present moment to be that of a passerby trying to protect himself, by redefining his lifestyle, after being caught in the competition between the lessons of wrath and the blessings of nature.

“Corona has surrounded us stealthily and we are caught amidst the escalating global devastation with many of the developed countries bearing the brunt much because of their underestimation, complacency and even lack of resources… Long ago Chanakya said that when the enemy is invisible, it is prudent to remain in the hiding.Advertising


“By our visible movements we may be unknowingly contributing towards the strength of our opponent Corona. Shelter, protection and deceptive measures to outclass our enemy is the crying need to ensure survival and prevent any catastrophe… Our resolve has erected a strong defence but still we cannot afford any complacency,” the Chief Justice said.

He went on to state that “a little loose fitting in the assembly line can dissolve the best efforts. A constant vigil and a repetitive observance will definitely help us to sail through this unruly weather… The pain and the pleasure of abstinence is entirely for our benefit. The situation, unhappily, does not furnish many choices.

“We are heading towards the threshold of our efforts. Let us not loose direction… The present is of trial and may be with some possible error but with one effort we can convert it into trial and perfect success. Imagine, you will win life itself. There cannot be a bigger conquest than conquering yourself.”

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