What happened to the medical kits meant for rape victims? Asks Supreme Court

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What happened to the medical kits meant for rape victims? Asks Supreme Court
By: G Shaheed
25 Dec 2019, 07:42 PM IST
Law and Life

How many hospitals in different states of India have medical kits meant for timely and efficient examination of rape victims?

While bestowing their anxious considerations for the rape victims, the Supreme court has asked the Government of India to furnish details of the use of medical kits.
The Union Ministry of Women and Children had developed the medical kit that were meant to be used by doctors when rape victims are taken to the hospital.
The kit was fully equipped for detailed examination of the victim to ensure that evidences are not left aside. Not only main hospitals but even primary health centres were to collect it from the state authorities and keep alert. This was because many cases lacked evidence that helped the accused go scot free.

The Supreme Court could feel that the medical kit was not properly distributed and used in many parts of India. The Court directed the Registrar General to contact different state governments to collect the information.
The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had prepared guidelines and protocol for medical and legal care for the rape victims. Were they implemented by different states? The Court has asked.
The trial of rape cases has to be completed in two months when the final investigation report has been filed. The apex court specifically enquired as to whether such trials are completed within the stipulated time.

Are there sufficient number of women police personnel in police stations? Are there enough women judicial officers to conduct trials? These are also relevant questions asked by the Supreme Court.
Whether witnesses are accorded sufficient protection? The trial court has to take appropriate measures for witness protection. The victims are not to be confronted by the accused during trials.
Upon directions from the trial courts, the victims have to be compensated. It is to be carried out by district legal services authorities. How many victims are compensated? The Supreme Court has asked the Union Government.

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