Cj Ap shahi justice subramaniya Prasath j local body election case order Sathyam TV video

[2/15, 07:15] Sekarreporter: [2/15, 07:13] Sekarreporter: https://twitter.com/sekarreporter1/status/1228494850447695872?s=08
[2/15, 07:13] Sekarreporter: Poll rule on drawing of lots to decide winner upheld https://t.co/CQEiHaT37M https://t.co/GJ7paPTqG7
[2/15, 07:13] Sekarreporter: 💐
[2/15, 11:22] Sekarreporter: [2/15, 11:20] Sekarreporter: Cj spj local body election order rules upheld The question as to whether there can be an alternative method to resolve the dispute is for the legislature to decide and not for the Court to suggest. https://sekarreporter.com/cj-spj-local-body-election-order-rules-upheld-the-question-as-to-whether-there-can-be-an-alternative-method-to-resolve-the-dispute-is-for-the-legislature-to-decide-and-not-for-the-court-to-suggest/
[2/15, 11:21] Sekarreporter: For govt and election commission gp Jayaprakash Narayanan argued 👍👍💐💐💐

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