Light at the end of Tunnel’: Message from Madras High Court Chief Justice A.P. Sahi

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‘Light at the end of Tunnel’: Message from Madras High Court Chief Justice A.P. Sahi

April 6, 2020, 9:40 pm2097 0

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Hon’ble Mr. Js. Amreshwar Pratap Sahi, Chief Justice of Madras High Court has written a message of hope in the times of Corona crisis titled as “LIght at the End of the Tunnel”. Js. Sahi wrote that the unanimity of resolve to observe distancing, with its little hiccups, has proved that herculean efforts on all fronts have substantially abated an unexpected disaster. The yeoman service of doctors, Paramedics and policemen, responsible bureaucracy, and above all, the level of perfection observed by our citizenry in general, has turned the tides to a great measure.

Js. Sahi further emphasising on migration due to fear wrote that social insecurities and unfoundational fear, or may be rumours, drove a small part of us to migrate to our nests which is not more than weakness of human nature. Travel North, South, East or West, a man’s own house is still the best. The overall situation appears to be satisfactory though still tense and grim and not completely overcome. With our limited resources we have shown commendable courage and strength to ward off what was a huge impregnable wall of unreachable heights. The efforts of converting the ordinary to the extraordinary have gone a long way to translate ”Adversity to Opportunity” into concrete results.

In words of Js. Sahi, “We have achieved substantial success but not without velled quarantine breaches. Had there been no dark side of life, the shining stars and planets of hope would have been a mirage and not a reality. Our experience of pandemic, which phased us into a darker side of life, has also shown us a way to fight adversities with hope and courage that has led to success.

Js. Sahi at this juncture quoted Edmund Burke who said that darkness is more productive of sublime ideas than light. To muster courage we have to stand in our own light and fight our own shadows. Somewhere there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is a better companion than fear.

Then Js. Sahi in his message stressed on the need of personal hygiene, masks and social distancing to eradicate possible recurrence of a new wave of Coronavirus. Js. Sahi also stressed on importance of keeping afloat working and productive society by staggering work hours with full time supporting frontline medicine, health, sanitation, food supply and essential services staff. The lessons of perseverance must be learnt from Polar Bears in the Antarctic and Ships of the desert of Sahara. We also have to move like a sure traveller cautious of his direction by using the right compass, planning and plotting a safe road map.

According to Js. Sahi, we have to remember that disease is the punishment of neglect. Js. Sahi ended his message of hope with an excerpt from well acclaimed poem of Robert Frost, “The Road not taken” and wrote that (we have) … .. .. miles to go before we sleep.

-India Legal Bureau 

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