Mhaa offoce bearer today met cj regarding reopen court immedeatly

The Hon’ble Chief Justice,
High Court of Judicature at Madras,
Chennai – 600 104.

Sub: Cashless Health Insurance for practising Advocates – reg.

We seek the benevolence of your Lordship in the following issue concerning the welfare of the practising Advocates in Tamil Nadu. The Corona pandemic has given a hard lesson to the Advocates community to realize the bitter truth that there are times when human beings face situations where despite their entire prowess they feel incapable and in vain. We have been silent witnesses to the fall of many of our brethren due to their failing health and the inability of their families to withstand those testing times. We seek recourse to your Lordship to this despair of our brethren as we believe that humanity is not just a norm for your Lordship but is imbibed in your very character and thus we realize that your Lordship would be able to perceive and appreciate the pertinence of the issue from your heart.

In times of pandemic such as the one which we are facing, where surviving is the only motto of life, our noble brethren fail in their efforts as none of the institutions which they protect and serve lend a helping hand. The garb of nobility makes it almost impossible to request for alms. Even financial institutions such as the Banks treat our brethren as an unwelcome guest as there is too much of uncertainty in the profession. We have been indifferent to this bitter truth for long in the fond expectation of favourable times to grow. Now in the wake of these unfavourable days it is time that we shield our brethren by atleast protecting their health which would assure them confidence to face the pandemic and to serve the public better in their pathway towards justice.

To address the issue in a pragmatic manner we would suggest that the Government of Tamil Nadu must devise and provide a Family Health Insurance Scheme (Cashless) to the Practising Advocates in Tamil Nadu on par with the one that is provided to the Government Servants in Tamil Nadu for a sum of Rupees Ten Lakhs per year. There are over One Lakh Advocates practising in Tamil Nadu and by collecting a onetime mandatory payment of Rs.10,000/- from each one of them to enrol in the Health Insurance Scheme, a total sum of Rupees Ten Crores could be collected and kept as a composite deposit which would keep increasing every year with new enrolments in the Bar. Apart from this instead of a monthly deposit or a yearly deposit scheme for renewal of the health insurance, a health insurance stamp worth Rs.30/- may be introduced which would fetch more than Rupees 30 Crores with the current average of cases filed in Tamil Nadu. By implementing the scheme in such a manner no additional financial hardship would be caused to the Government and the Advocates community would be greatly benefitted.
Thus we humbly request your Lordship to advice the Government of Tamil Nadu to introduce such a Cashless Health Insurance Scheme to the practising Advocates in Tamil Nadu and thereby bestow your compassion on the practising Advocates in Tamil Nadu who serve the people with utmost devotion.
With fond hopes of a favourable gesture from your Lordship;
Thanking you;
Yours Sincerely;

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