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[5/18, 18:58] Sekarreporter 1: Common intention – Accused had no specific motive to participate in commission of offence and did not have any rivalry with deceased or his family, and not shown to be a friend, relative or hireling of other two accused – Prosecution failed to prove any common intention. (Supreme Court)
[5/18, 18:58] Sekarreporter 1: Onetime regularization of employees who have completed 10 years or above – Rules amended which provide a cutoff date of 31.12.2001 – Appellants appointed prior to 31.12.2001 and put in service almost for a period of 12 years – Entitled for regularization. (Supreme Court)
[5/18, 18:59] Sekarreporter 1: No general proposition of law that unless overt act is proved against person, who is alleged to be member of unlawful assembly, it cannot be said that he is member of assembly – Accused persons well understood that assembly was unlawful and was likely to commit any of acts which fall within purview of common object shared by all – Acquittal set aside. (Supreme Court)

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