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    [12/6, 15:26] Vinothpandian: 2016 (9) SCC 1 : manoj kumar sharma vs state of chattisgarh : To invoke inherent jurisdiction under section 482 of the CRPC , the high court must be fully satisfied that material produced on record is based on sound , justifiable and reasonable facts
    [12/6, 15:29] Vinothpandian: 2012 (9) SCC 532 : Gajoo vs state of uttarakhand : In a trial proceedings a witness may be called interested only when he or she derives some benefit from result of litigation
    [12/7, 14:29] Vinothpandian: AIR 2018 SC 980 : dataram singh vs state of uttar pradesh : With regard to a bail application , freedom of an indivdual is of utmost importance and same cannot be curtailed merely on suspicion , till the time guilt of accused is not proved in accordance with law , he is deemed to be innocent , on such grounds bail can be granted
    [12/7, 14:29] Vinothpandian: 2018 (2) crimes 376 : seema singh vs CBI : with regard to bail , seriousness of offence by itself cannot be a ground to outrightly deny the benefit of bail if there are other overwhelming circumstances justifying grant of bail
    [12/7, 14:29] Vinothpandian: 2018 (1) crimes 91 : Lachhman dass vs Resham chand kaler : It is not expected from the high court to pass mandatory orders commanding the subordinate court to compulsorily grant bail
    [12/7, 14:39] Vinothpandian: 2012 (4) SCC 134 : Dipak shubhash chandra mehta vs CBI : It is a settled principle that when under – trial prisoners are detained in jail custody to an indefinite period , article 21 of constitution is violated
    [12/7, 15:02] Vinothpandian: 2020 (4) CTC 810 : louis sinnaya arokiasamy vs vengadachalam : sec 151 CPC 1908 : Held party which has not approached court with clean hands is not entitled to indulgence of court
    [12/7, 15:02] Vinothpandian: AIR 1997 AP 53 : Habeeb khan vs valasula devi : order 6 rule 2 CPC 1908 : Evidence presented before court should be according to the pleadings , irrelevant evidence should be avoided during specific pleadings
    [12/8, 10:37] Vinothpandian: 2012 (2) SCC 196 ; Rasiklal manickchand dhariwal vs MSS food products : Held idea behind provision of order 18 rule 15 CPC is to obviate recording of evidence or re hearing of suit where a judge is prevented by death , transfer or other cause from concluding trial of a suit and to take suit forward from the stage predecessor judge left the matter
    [12/8, 10:38] Vinothpandian: 2012 (6) SCC 430 : A shanmugam vs Ariya kshatriya Rajakula vamsathu madalaya nandhavana : With regard to granting Ad interim injunction , held pleadings need to be critically examined by judicial officers or judges both before issuing ad interim injunction ( order 39 rule 1 & 2 CPC 1908 )
    [12/8, 14:00] Vinothpandian: 2019 CRILJ 3129 : manju devi vs state of Rajasthan : Age of a case by itself cannot be decisive of the matter when a prayer is made for examination of a material witness
    [12/8, 14:00] Vinothpandian: 2010 (13) SCC 657 : sunil kumar sambu dayal gupta vs state of maharastra : presumption of innocence is a human right , appellate court should not interfere with acquittal order passed by trial court merely because two views are possible in a given case
    [12/9, 14:03] Vinothpandian: 2012 (5) SCC 488 : super cassettes industries ltd vs music broadcast pvt ltd : Held in matters under order 39 rule 1 and 2 CPC and sec 151 CPC , an interim relief granting final relief should be given after exercise of great caution and in rare and exceptional cases
    [12/9, 14:03] Vinothpandian: 2013 (8) SCC 491 : UP power corporation ltd vs Anis ahmad : Held a complaint against assessment made by an assessing officer under sec 126 or against offences committed under sec 135 to 140 of electricity act 2003 is not maintainable before a consumer forum
    [12/9, 14:11] Vinothpandian: 2012 (2) SCC 300 : J samuel vs Gattu mahesh : Held plea that relief sought by way of amendment was barred by time is to be considered in the light of facts and circumstances of each case ( order 6 rule 17 CPC 1908 )
    [12/9, 14:11] Vinothpandian: 2014 (3) SCC 595 : state bank of india vs gracure pharmaceuticals ltd : held object of order 2 rule 2 CPC is to avoid multiplicity of proceedings and not to vex parties over and again in a litigative process
    [12/10, 09:27] Vinothpandian: Supreme court : civil appeal no 1658 of 2010 dated 30-11-2021 Bombay hospital & medical research centre vs Asha jaiswal : Non availability of operation theatres when patient being taken for surgery not medical negligence on part of hospital
    [12/10, 09:27] Vinothpandian: Supreme court : SLP no 12369 of 2021 dated 8- 12- 2021 Uttar Pradesh state road transport corporation vs Gajadhar nath : With regard to removal from service of an employee , initiation of criminal proceedings against employee or not initiating proceedings has no bearing to prove misconduct in departmental proceedings
    [12/10, 10:04] Vinothpandian: Supreme court : civil appeal no 6707 of 2019 dated 1-12-2021 committee of creditors of Amtek auto ltd through corporation bank vs dinakar T venkatsubramanian : In an IBC proceedings ( insolvency & bankruptcy) , entire resolution process has to be completed within period stipulated under section 12 of IBC and any deviation would defeat object and purpose of providing such time limit
    [12/10, 10:04] Vinothpandian: Supreme court: civil appeal no 6374 of 2021 dated 1- 12- 2021 neha tyagi vs lieutenant colonel deepak tyagi : In a matrimonial proceedings pertaining to maintenance, liability and responsibility of father to maintain child continues till children attaining age of majority

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