MR.JUSTICE N.ANAND VENKATESH W.P.Nos.34099, 33167, 33175, 33176, 34106,Pg assistant case appointment order

[1/20, 14:36] sekarreporter1: 1/12 W.P.No.34099/2019 & Batch
DATED :: 09-01-2020
W.P.Nos.34099, 33167, 33175, 33176, 34106, 34109, 34118, 34127, 34133
& 34144 of 2019
W.P.No.34099/2019 :
K.Shobana … Petitioner
1.The State of Tamilnadu, the Principal Secretary to Government,
Department of School Education,
Chennai-600 009.
2.The Director,
School Education Department,
DPI Campus, College Road,
Chennai-600 006.
3.The Teachers Recruitment Board, its Member Secretary,
DPI Campus, College Road,
Chennai-600 006. … Respondents
[1/20, 14:37] sekarreporter1: 2/12 W.P.No.34099/2019 & Batch
Petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, praying
for issuance of a Writ of Certiorarified Mandamus, to call for the records of
the impugned selection list, dated 20.11.2019, issued by the third
respondent in respect of P.G.Assistants in Chemistry, quash the same,
consequently, direct the respondents to select the petitioner as P.G.
Assistant in Chemistry and appoint her in the said post.
For Petitioner : Mr.M.R.Jothimanian
For Respondents 1 & 2 : Mrs.V.Annalakshmi,
Government Advocate.
For Respondent 3 : Mr.C.Munusamy,
The common issue that has been raised in all these Writ
Petitions is that the candidates, who secured high marks and should have
been fitted in General Turn, have been fitted in MBC/DNC Quota and,
thereby, 34 persons, who would have got seats under MBC Quota, have
been deprived of selection.
The third respondent issued a Notification on 12.06.2019,
inviting applications through On-line from eligible candidates for direct
recruitment to the posts of Post Graduate Assistants/Physical Education
[1/20, 14:37] sekarreporter1: 10/12 W.P.No.34099/2019 & Batch
community, and, when it comes to the selection of candidates belonging to a
particular community, who do not fall within the merit/rank, they should be
considered under the community quota, based on the marks fixed for that
community. While doing so, the backlog vacancies must be first
accommodated and, only thereafter, the current vacancies must be filled up.
With the said clarity in mind, the third respondent shall proceed to prepare
the fresh Provisional Selection List for the posts of P.G. Assistants in
Chemistry. This exercise shall be done within a period of two weeks from
the date of receipt of a copy of this order and the fresh Provisional Selection
List shall be published in the Board’s Website.
All these Writ Petitions are disposed of accordingly. No
costs. Consequently, the connected W.M.P.Nos.33603, 33605, 33614,
33615, 33617, 33618, 34701, 34704, 34708, 34710, 34711, 34716, 34718,
34720, 34727, 34731, 34733, 34739, 34740, 34741, 34743, 34744, 34745,
34754, 34756 and 34757 of 2019 are closed.
Index : Yes 09-01-2020
Internet : Yes
Speaking / Non-Speaking Order
N ote to Office :
Issue Order Copy on 13.01.2020

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